Boy Abunda on being gay: How can love be a sin?


Posted at Oct 07 2014 09:36 PM | Updated as of Oct 08 2014 06:25 AM

MANILA - Although Catholic, TV host Boy Abunda said he does not agree entirely with the teachings of the Church, particularly concerning homosexual relationships.

In a special episode of "The Bottomline with Boy Abunda" that aired Sunday, Abunda was asked whether he has come to terms with Catholicism branding homosexual actions as a sin.

"I am not devout, in the traditional way of defining 'devout,'" he clarified. "I am a Catholic and I am proud to be Catholic."

"I do not agree to all the teachings of the Church, and one of them is saying that, 'We're okay with homosexuality, but the moment you practice, the moment you have sex, it is a sin.'"

Explaining his take on the matter, Abunda continued: "Sa aking pananaw, paano naman ako magmamahal bilang isang homosexual man if I don't express sexually my love with my partner? Isa 'yon sa mga disagreements. Doon kami hindi nagkakaintindihan."

Abunda, 58, and his long-time partner Bong Quintana have been together for 30 years. In the November 2013 issue of StarStudio, the veteran host said he already had a clear understanding of his sexual orientation as early as when he was in Grade 2.

According to Abunda, he never had to "come out" or tell his parents about his being gay. "They didn't sit me down, pull me aside and ask about my sexuality. Things just happened," he said at the time.

In his interview on "The Bottomline," Abunda also brought up the recent pronouncements of Catholic Church leader Pope Francis, who he referred to as "so inclusive and non-judgmental."

"You know, when he said, 'When a person has good will and seeks the Lord, who am I to judge?', I started going back to Church," Abunda said, referring to a July 2013 statement of the Pope pertaining specifically to gay people.

"It's because I was exercising my Catholicism in my own way and volition."

Asked directly if he believes, as per Catholic teachings, that his own lifestyle as a gay man is a sin, Abunda only said: "No. How can love be a sin?"