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Jacob Batalon on playing a Filipino leading man in 'Reginald the Vampire'

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Oct 06 2022 08:16 PM

Rachelle Goulding, Jacob Batalon, Georgia Waters. Photo by James Dittiger/SYFY
(L to R) Rachelle Goulding as Moira, Jacob Batalon as Reginald, Georgia Waters as Penelope in Reginald the Vampire James Dittiger/SYFY

In 'Reginald the Vampire,' Jacob Batalon plays the title role, an unlikely hero who's navigating his newfound undead life while also dealing with a bully at his workplace and pining for the girl he loves.

"I think for me being a person of color in the industry, I think that we all sort of have that share of struggle of being placed in a box. And I will say that our show is really good metaphor for that sort of idealism that society has about the way we look, judges the way we are perceived in life. So I carry that with me all the time, but I I try not to let that stop me from doing what I want and letting me succeed in things that I want to succeed in," Batalon said.

Mandela Van Peebles and Jacob Batalon. Photo by James Dittiger/SYFY
(L to R) Mandela Van Peebles as Maurice with Jacob Batalon in Reginald the Vampire James Dittiger/SYFY

The actor also shared that it has been exciting and fun playing a Filipino vampire in the comedy-horror tv series.

Batalon was born and raised in Hawaii to Filipino parents, and his character's last name was based on his real-life mother Eva Andres.

In an episode of 'Reginald the Vampire,' Reginald was also proudly talking about his love for Filipino food.

"It was a very beautiful thing. Filipinos especially, we're not really seen in the media the way that we deserve to be. A lot of AAPI people absolutely need to be seen and heard and understood more. And it was a very big deal. I was very, very proud to have really put that in the show, and I hope people eat more lumpia and pansit," he said.

Jacob Batalon at San Diego Comic Con. Photo credit SyFy 'Reginald the Vampire'
Jacob Batalon at San Diego Comic Con SyFy "Reginald the Vampire"

Batalon's breakout role was Ned Leeds, the bestfriend of Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the blockbuster movies of Sony and Marvel. It was also his first audition.

At the time, dreaming of a Hollywood career was something he didn't fully divulge even to his own mother.

Batalon spoke about the time he and his mother went to a talent convention. "It was like a talent convention that they have in LA and she had no idea what we were getting into but she's really happy now."

Reginald the Vampire poster. Photo credit SyFy 'Reginald the Vampire'
SyFy "Reginald the Vampire"

'Reginald the Vampire' is based on the book series by Johnny B. Truant. It premieres on October 5 on SyFy.

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