Kris Aquino clears status: 'I'm not in a relationship'


Posted at Oct 02 2023 03:46 PM

Actress Kris Aquino took to Instagram to reiterate that she is not in a relationship.

Aquino shared about her current status as she gave an update about her health condition.

In her post, Aquino, who did not mention any name, said it was her sisters who urged her to clear up her current status. 

"I AM NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP," Aquino wrote. 

"We no longer communicate, and my sons and I feel more PEACEFUL. No details because I value my privacy and respect his, and I chose to only give the FACTS that should be addressed. Again, THANK YOU for your compassion to keep me & my family in your thoughts and prayers," she added.

Last July, Aquino took to social media to explain why she broke up with Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste.

“I didn't lie when I said a long distance relationship is difficult. BUT I saw he has many dreams left to fulfill and many obligations to the people who gave him their vote. Sadly, I'm in the battle of my life precisely because I'm doing all I can to save my life because my 2 sons still need me,” she said at the time.

Aquino acknowledged Leviste's full life beyond being responsible for her.
With this in mind, Aquino said she took it upon herself to just end it. Aquino stressed that they are not at odds with each other but are simply not meant to be together.

Health condition

Meanwhile, Aquino also announced that her health condition is improving. 

"I don’t have my complete blood panel results yet BUT GUMANDA my inflammatory numbers… I don’t know what good I did but I know I’m surviving all the side effects of methotrexate and my biological injectable because God is listening to all your prayers for my healing," wrote Aquino, who is currently being treated in the United States. 

"Praying more that in 18 to 20 months I’ll reach remission and after 6 months I’ll have my doctors’ clearances and we can go home. I miss my sisters, my cousins, my PH doctors, my close friends, and of course all of you…

"It’s already been 16 months. We’re already settled in our rental home -- location-wise, this is my long wished for vibe -- we have a pool in the back with an unobstructed view of the blue sea and with this super fresh, cool sea breeze… plus we’re only 10 minutes away from 1 of my doctors," she added.

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