Julia Barretto: 'For the first time, I protected myself'


Posted at Oct 02 2020 02:14 AM


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MANILA — Julia Barretto is hoping more celebrities will stand up against fake news, after she lodged a formal complaint against former broadcaster Jay Sonza over false pregnancy rumors. 

The young actress said that her decision to file a cyberlibel case against Sonza was “not just for [her],” and that she wanted it to act as a reminder for people to “protect ourselves” when it comes to their reputations. 

She also said: ”I was proud of myself because, for the first time, I stood up for myself. For the first time, I defended myself. And for the first time, I protected myself.”

The actress was speaking at a virtual press conference confirming her transfer to Viva Artists Agency, from Star Magic. 

Her case against Sonza stemmed from the ex-broadcaster’s social media post maliciously claiming that she was pregnant with the child of actor Gerald Anderson. Sonza has retracted his post. 

“Marami na akong pinalagpas na mga false information about me, na usually dinededma ko lang. Pero, siguro, I just felt like it was about time to make an action, to try to stop it,” Barretto said of the rumor. 

Barretto added that the claim caused her family stress, and explained that Sonza should have had the common sense to confirm the news first, at the very least with her, before posting it online. 

She also argued that sensitive topics such a pregnancies should only be announced by the people involved and their families. 

“I’m putting my foot down and showing people that enough is enough. I can’t tolerate fake news anymore especially involving me or my family and anyone close to me,” she said. 

In the same press conference, Barretto also talked about how her having a great support system —family and friends— have helped her deal with the situation. 

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