LOOK: Janella Salvador joins boyfriend Markus Paterson's stream


Posted at Sep 30 2020 08:07 PM

She’s been spending much of the coronavirus lockdown with her boyfriend, Markus Paterson, in the UK. 

And to yet again show how much they’ve been enjoying each other’s company, Janella Salvador made a surprise appearance at an online stream of Paterson Tuesday night. 

Paterson was streaming on Kumu, representing Rise Artists Studio, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN Films. The agency has been holding regular streams on the platform featuring their artists, as a way for them to keep in touch with their fans in this pandemic. 

Paterson was holding a live music session when he teased that Salvador will join him if he reaches a target count for viewers and diamonds, which is the digital currency fans can hand out to creators and artists they like in Kumu. 

He met the target and before ending the stream had Salvador sit right next to him. He also revealed that he and Salvador have been dating for one year and eight months. 

You can check out screenshots of the moment below: 

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Salvador and Pateron are in the UK currently. Salvador is staying with her brother Russell and mom Jenine Desiderio. 

Paterson first admitted that he and Salvador are in a relationship last September 12.

He described the actress as the love of his life, professing that he “couldn’t live without her.” 

“I’ve never been in love the way I am. I’ve never felt the love that she makes me feel. ...There is no one or thing that could make me look at another woman the way that I look at her right now,” he said. “Like, it’s not even fair to my family how much I’m in love with this woman.”

“Because I would put her above anything else. To the vague question why I’m still with her, it is because I couldn’t live without her. That’s as simple as it is,” he added.


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