‘I’m Tee, Me Too’ episode 2 recap: Watee gives last warning after Tee-do broke some house rules

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 28 2020 03:00 PM | Updated as of Sep 28 2020 08:28 PM

Watee (Krist Perawat, left) and Tee-do (Tay Tawan, left), separately, celebrated their with a birthday with a birthday cake, in the second episode of I'm Tee, Me Too.

Watee (Krist Perawat) gave the other Tees a final warning after Tee-do (Tay Tawan) broke some house rules, in the latest episode of “I’m Tee, Me Too,” the newest Thai series to air locally.

This after Tee-do broke a plant pot during an argument with Teedet (New Thitipoom) in the second episode, which aired last Friday, September 25.

Pushed to his limit, Watee asked the tenants to leave but Tee-do begged him to let them stay as a birthday gift to him.

The house owner let the other Tees stay and they celebrated Tee-do’s birthday. It was later revealed that it was also Watee’s birthday.

While Watee is still skeptical about the other Tees, Maitee (Singto Prachaya) tries to get close to him by reserving him meals.

Meanwhile, Maetee (Off Jumpol) dressed as “Maetinee” to help Teedet face his fear of women. Later on, T-Rex (Gun Atthaphan) brought a girl to help.

T-Rex and Maetee also moved to Teedet’s room after finding out that they are staying in the room of Watee’s mother. 

It was also revealed that the real name of T-Rex is Vatee Reuangritthiroj and that he and Watee share the same last name. 

Later on, T-Rex was caught staring at a photograph in the room of Watee’s mother.

"I’m Tee, Me Too" is available for streaming on iWant and GMM TV's YouTube page.

In the next episode, Tee-do tries to date again to face his fears of chewing. We will also figure out if Watee and T-Rex are related after the latter's father went to their house.