Marcus Adoro sorry for family 'ruckus', hopes for second chance


Posted at Sep 26 2022 10:56 PM | Updated as of Sep 27 2022 07:46 AM


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MANILA — Marcus Adoro penned an apology on Instagram Monday to his family hoping that they would give him a second chance.

This developed after fans aired their concern regarding his inclusion in Eraserheads' reunion concert on December 22 amid domestic-violence allegations against his wife and daughter.

"I've lost contact with my daughter for years now. Recently, I've tried to reach out to her through her manager, but I'm not sure if my messages are getting through. So, I'm making this post," Adoro wrote.

"Syd, san ka man, I hope you're doing well. As you already know, I'm far from perfect kaya normal if you want nothing to do with me. Sana lang magkaroon ng second chance for redemption. I'm sorry for the ruckus that I may have caused my family, the public the sponsors, and my bandmates. Pasensya na.

"I also want to thank the people who are supporting E-Heads' art.
Please continue to support the E-Heads reunion. Alay po sa ating lahat ito."

Diane Ventura, Buendia’s manager and co-producer of the “Huling El Bimbo” concert event, earlier said that “one of Buendia's non-negotiable conditions prior to signing was that Adoro resolve his issues otherwise he would not work with him." 

"This was promised by Marcus’ management which was why we even reconsidered. To call Ely an enabler is categorically false and absurd. We do not condone abuse that is absolute. We acknowledge the pain and suffering of the parties involved and we seek accountability," Ventura said. 

“However, we will do what we can to encourage peace, and resolution and will never get in the way of possible reconciliation or second chances between families, We are hoping for good to come out of this.”

The last time Eraserheads performed together was in 2016 for a mini-set that included their hit "Maling Akala" as well as "Pop Machine" and "Poor Man's Grave."

In 2018, it was rumored that the band was getting back together to perform during the UAAP men's basketball finals. Buendia, however, firmly ruled out any hopes for that to happen at that time. 

Several months later, or in June 2019, Buendia again denied that there was any reunion happening. He also defended himself from the apparent blame fans have been pinning on him over why a reunion concert has yet to materialize. 

"It’s not like I’m the only one deciding these things. I’m just another cog in the machinery," he said. 

"Don't get why when it’s something negative about the band, the blame falls on me, but if it’s something positive, oh, it’s a group effort. Anyway, I was just trying to warn the general public. Peace." 

Over the weekend, Eraserheads members teased a reunion may happen after they posted an “E” photo on their respective accounts.


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