Jake Ejercito gets sentimental as daughter Ellie leaves for Siargao anew


Posted at Sep 24 2021 03:53 PM

Actor Jake Ejercito took to social media to express how difficult it is to see his daughter Ellie away from him as he sent her to Siargao anew to spend time with mother Andi Eigenmann.

On Instagram, Ejercito accompanied Ellie to the airport where he gave her a tight hug, adding a caption: “never not tough.”

The 10-year-old Ellie arrived safely in Siargao as Eigenmann uploaded a story of her three kids being reunited again. 

Eigenmann also felt the same early this month when she opened up about missing Ellie every time she is not around.

In an Instagram post, she confessed how much she misses Ellie, who was then spending time with Ejercito in Manila.

Eigenmann said having three kids actually does not mean she learns to split her heart into pieces. 

“Mothers just have this innate capability of having our hearts grow big enough to have more and more love to give,” she said.

The “Marry Me, Marry You” star is in a co-parenting setup with Eigenmann.

Meanwhile, Ejercito did not let one negative comment pass as he defended their current setup for Ellie. 

One netizen claimed that parents should consider their child first before separating: “This is the big lesson of both parents before separating their lives, we must consider our children first. Kaya ayaw ko mag-asawa eh.”

The actor answered back, explaining that forcing themselves together will be more traumatizing for their kid. 

“Lesson here is not to overgeneralize. Not everyone has it easy and forcing something that will never be will just be worse and even more traumatic for children. These are the cards we were dealt and we try our best to make it work with Ellie’s well-being as top priority,” Ejercito clapped back. 

Aside from Ellie, Eigenmann has two other kids with her fiancé Philmar Alipayo -- Lilo and Koa.