‘Masarap ba ang asawa ko?’ How English-dubbed ‘Legal Wife’ translated memorable line


Posted at Sep 20 2021 06:42 PM

Maja Salvador and Angel Locsin starred in the hit 2014 drama ‘The Legal Wife.’ ABS-CBN
Maja Salvador and Angel Locsin starred in the hit 2014 drama ‘The Legal Wife.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — “Masarap ba ang asawa ko?” was the enraged question of Monica, portrayed by Angel Locsin, in the climactic episode of “The Legal Wife,” which today remains a memorable line for Kapamilya viewers.

Seven years its original 2014 broadcast, the ABS-CBN drama is back — as a condensed series with a total of 47 episodes, available to watch for free on YouTube.

Also, it’s dubbed entirely in English.

Released last week, the English-dubbed “The Legal Wife” includes all the unforgettable confrontations, from Monica seeing first-hand Adrian (Jericho Rosales) and Nicole’s (Maja Salvador) affair, to Monica deciding to leave Adrian for good, despite her husband’s desperate plea.

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The memorably titled “Royal Rumble” remains a highlight of the abridged version. It’s where an enraged Monica charges at Nicole, once her best friend and confidant, and confronts her about Adrian.

Monica’s original, Filipino dialogue, goes: “Masarap ba? Masarap ba ang asawa ko? Masarap ba? Masarap ba? Paano mo siya nilandi, ha? Ano’ng una mong tinanggal — ‘yang bra mo, ‘yang panty mo, o ‘yang konsensiya mo?”

In the English-dubbed version, Monica says: “Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy my husband? Did you like it? Was it good? So how did you seduce him? Tell me! What did you take off first — your bra, or your panties, or maybe your conscience?”

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While the English dub has only been released in full this month, a snippet of it, from a trailer, went viral in 2020. In that clip, another memorable line of Monica — “Akin lang ang asawa ko!” — also had an English translation that drew amusement from netizens.

“My husband belongs only to me!” Monica says, as seen in the video which now has over 400,000 views and 28,000 reactions.

The 47-episode English version of “The Legal Wife” will be available to stream on YouTube until October 15.

Prior to that release, “The Legal Wife” also enjoyed a condensed re-run on ABS-CBN Channel 2 in early 2020, when current production were halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, and prior to the forced shutdown of the network’s free-TV broadcast.