Ogie Alcasid turns emotional in conversation with daughter Leila


Posted at Sep 20 2020 08:16 PM | Updated as of Sep 21 2020 11:31 AM


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MANILA - Ogie Alcasid turned emotional after hearing his daughter Leila speak about how good of a father he is.

Speaking during the Sunday episode of “I Feel U,” Leila, who is Alcasid's daughter with Australian beauty queen Michelle van Eimereen, said she’s learned to appreciate her dad more in the last three years that they have been living together here in the Philippines.

“You are a good dad. I think one thing that we as kids have to understand is that every parent is different. Every parent has their own struggles and strengths,” she said.

“I kinda moved here comparing him to my mom because I grew up with my mom. And I realized after a while they are very different people and they give me different things. I have learned to appreciate you for all the things you give me and all the wisdom you give me,” she added.

Telling her dad that she never thought he was a bad father ever, Leila said: “He made so much effort my whole life to be there for every single event, my graduation, all my birthdays, everything. He would make the effort no matter how expensive it was or no matter how hard it was with his schedule. I appreciate that.”

Leila said she also appreciates how Alcasid always tries his best to support her.

“Right now, because I am with you, even if there are things that I am going through that you don’t understand, whether it be mental health or my personal struggles, even if you don’t understand it, you still try your best to support me and be there for me and let me know that I am not alone. That’s hard for a lot of parents.

“You may think that you’re not doing enough. You may think that it’s not sufficient but you do a lot more than you know for me and you affect me a lot more than you know. I care about you so much,” she said.

For Leila, there is a reason she continues to run to her dad for everything and that’s because what Alcasid gives her is unmatched by anyone else.

Meanwhile, an emotional Alcasid said he is very proud of how his eldest child turned out especially since she was the one who really had to deal with her parents’ separation at a young age.

“Mahirap yung pinagdaanan ng panganay ko. She could have become a total rebel although you had that stage. But pwede siyang maging galit na galit lang sa akin. She could have done that. But I believe there is this real goodness in your heart which is a forgiving heart. Hindi yun naa-acquire lang,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Alcasid told Leila: “You are very good. You are a good daughter, you are a good person.”