WATCH: This is probably the last time Nico will prank Solenn


Posted at Sep 20 2017 06:46 PM


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This is probably the last time you'll see Nico Bolzico pull a prank on his celebrity wife, actress and model Solenn Heussaff. 

Bolzico, as seen in a clip uploaded on Instagram, set up his practical joke in their home's living room. He made Heussaff think he's not yet home and hid beneath a stack of pillows on their couch. He then leaves a letter for her to read, giving her a reason to sit down. 

As Heussaff intently opens his note, Bolzico then slowly creeps up and grabs her from behind. Heussaff's shocked reaction was to jump out of the couch and scream curses at him. "So annoying!" she said. 

After she came around, however, Heussaff could be seen laughing with Bolzico, holding her hands to her face in embarrassment. 

Bolzico admitted in his post that this is "probably the last prank of our marriage," and funnily warns those who wants to copy him that "wifezillas' reactions are unpredictable and damages can be irreparable.

This is the latest in Bolzico's videos, in which he could be seen having fun at the expense of his wife. 

These cute moments, like the one time he filled Heussaff's hair dryer with powder, have made him a fan-favorite on Instagram, getting more than half a million followers.