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SB19 fans share why they love their P-Pop idols

Don Tagala | TFC News New York

Posted at Sep 19 2023 05:39 PM

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From Times Square billboards to New York City's public performance spaces, SB19 fans collectively known as "A'Tin" are always there to support their idols.

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In many instances, even casual bystanders seeing the Filipino performers for the first time, instantly turn into fans.

"It’ amazing," said Aliya, a tourist from Morocco. "I love the energy that the five gives out."

YouTube blogger Alex Oh shared that he became a fan of SB19 after making a reaction video to SB19's "What" music video in 2021.

"I was getting a lot of requests one day for SB19’s 'What' music video. That was the very first MV I watched or song I listened to from them and the rest is history," he said.

K-Pop fans, including some BTS fans, have also embraced SB19 and found appreciation for Pinoy Pop in general.

"They write so many songs for their fans," Katerz Tessmer, an SB19 fan, said. "They write songs that are personal to them but they also show how much they care about their fans."

For many fans, it's SB19's talent, artistry, and hardwork that drew them to the group.

"The musical integrity that SB19 has, it’s just off the charts," said Amal Figeroa. "You really feel every single emotion they put into it, they are phenomenal performers [and] the stage presence is out of this world."

One FilAm even got a tattoo of SB19 on her arm.

"It’s dedicated to my parents," said Jennifer Rom. "Obviously, MAPA really spoke to me and a lot of people. They're mostly talented, all of the members, they have unique contributions to their group."

SB19 fans said that with the group's talent, versatility, and humility despite their fame, they will continue to grow in numbers and support their idols all the way.