Isabelle Daza is pregnant


Posted at Sep 19 2017 11:46 AM


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MANILA – Actress-model Isabelle Daza and her husband, French businessman Adrien Semblat, are expecting their first child.

“Three’s a crowd,” Daza wrote in an Instagram post which showed three pairs of sneakers, one of them noticeably smaller.

In an interview with the local fashion website Preview, Daza opened up about her pregnancy, saying she is both scared and excited of her new role as a mother.

“I was texting my doctor [who was] worried about my self-diagnosed hormonal imbalance, and he suggested I take a pregnancy test. Then I ran upstairs to take one and I saw one dark line and one faint line. I took a photo and sent it to Dr. Abe Marinduque, and I said, ‘I’m clearly not pregnant.’ And he was like, ‘Belle, that means you are,’” she recalled.

“So I screamed and called Adrien. He ran upstairs thinking there was a cockroach or something. I had no words. I was just pointing at the pregnancy test. And Adrien was like, ‘What is that? I don’t know what that is! Is that a thermometer?’” she added.

When asked what she finds particularly challenging about her pregnancy so far, Daza replied: “Nausea. And not being able to control what your body is craving for. It’s totally the opposite of what I normally like.”

Daza and Semblat recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. The two got married in Italy last September.