'Ano pa gusto n'yo?': Dennis Padilla reacts to daughter Julia's remarks


Posted at Sep 18 2022 03:28 PM | Updated as of Sep 19 2022 12:15 AM

MANILA – Dennis Padilla broke his silence over the remarks made by his daughter Julia Barretto during the latter's recent vlog interview with Karen Davila.

In a series of Instagram posts that have already been deleted, Padilla said he worked so hard in the past to be able to give his children with Marjorie Barretto a better life.

“Nung malakas pa ako kumita at maliit pa kyo... Kanino ba naubos lahat? Sa inyo... Kasi gusto ko maginhawa ang buhay nyo,” he said before urging Davila to interview him, too, so he could clarify the issue.

Padilla said he was the one who financially helped them when they were moving from one house to another in the past since they had no house of their own.

“14 times kami lumipat ng bahay... Tama julia... Sino ba nagbabayad ng paglipat... Ako yun!!!!”

He took offense when Barretto told Davila that she couldn’t run to her own father when things get tough.

“Ako ang dapat takbuhan mo julia.... I defended you pero nagalit pa kayo sa akin... Sobra kayo... Ano etong mga kwento mo kay karen??”

In another comment, Padilla said he already apologized for his shortcomings but apparently the act isn't enough.

“Ang buong bahay ko... Ang halaga katumbas lang ng isang kotse mo julia. Ano pang revenge ang gusto niyong gawin? Lahat ng blessings nasa inyo na... Humingi ako ng apology sa mga pagkukulang ko.. Ano pa gusto nyo?... .. Pati kay gerard humingi ako ng apology... Ano pa?”

In the interview, Barretto said she and Padilla haven’t spoken in a while as she feels scared of getting hurt again after making amends – which happened to them several years ago. 

“You know, I kinda just want to huminga lang muna from that cycle. And, you know, I've just been praying also na, I don’t know, maybe in God's time and way na, you know, mag-meet kami in the middle without having to get hurt again,” Barretto said. 

The actress revealed that Padilla has tried to reach out to them again.

“I won't lie, I mean, he’s tried. I’m just really not ready. I don’t wanna force myself also. Because if you force yourself, then it’s not genuine, hindi siya totoo. So, I want to get to a point na when we speak, it’s when I’m ready,” she said.

Last June, Padilla took to social media to air his disappointment after his kids "forgot" to greet him on Father’s Day. 

This did not sit well with his kids, especially Leon, who responded with a lengthy explanation, also on Instagram.

Padilla then apologized in response to Leon’s post and wrote: “I am sorry Leon... Miss ko lang kyo... God bless you more.” 

Padilla have three kids with Marjorie Barretto: Julia, Claudia, and Leon.


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