WATCH: Zeus Collins dared to prank mom, pretend he got a girl pregnant


Posted at Sep 18 2020 04:32 AM

MANILA — Zeus Collins’ mom showed exceptional calmness after being prank-called and was told that her son got a girl pregnant, as seen in the hit “It’s Showtime” segment “Mas Testing” this past week. 

Collins was the guest contestant and was dared to call his mom and “break” the news after failing a task. 

Collins was hesitant at first to do the challenge, fearing what his mother might say due to anger. Though it appeared he had little to worry about as his mother was surprisingly calm throughout the phone call. 

Collins began by quickly telling his mother that he made a mistake, joking that he got a girl pregnant. He piled up the lies by saying that it was a different girl from his current girlfriend, and that the girl’s parents were forcing them to marry and threatening legal charges. 

Hosts Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario soon joined in the prank, standing in as the girl’s angered parents. Collins’ mom managed to remain cool, even after Vice Ganda’s outlandish suggestions to resolve the issue. 

Collins’ mom was assuring them that they’ll get back to them and that she just needs her son to come home first and talk about what to do next, when she was told that it was just a prank. 

“Kayo talaga, huwag ninyo nang uulitin iyon at umiiyak ako!” she said. 

You can check it out below: 

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