John Arcilla says best actor win 'a collective victory'


Posted at Sep 17 2021 11:20 AM

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MANILA -- Kapamilya star John Arcilla, who recently won at the Venice International Film Festival, described his award as a "collective victory," an achievement for all Filipinos.

Arcilla was named best actor for his performance in the movie "On The Job: The Missing 8."

In an interview on ANC's "Headstart" on Friday, Arcilla shared the biggest reason why he is proud of what he has achieved.

"They are actually [asking], 'Are you now on cloud nine?' Yes, but more than that, you know, if there's cloud 21, I am on that cloud right now," he said. 

Arcilla went on: "You know why? Because of the greetings of my co-actors and the people around me. Not because they are congratulating me but because they are so proud... Everybody feels so proud about what we got. So it is, for me, a collective victory. This is not just for me." 

"Even my followers are telling me, 'Proud Pinoy,' so that really made me more proud and happier. Not because of the congratulations but because of what this award brought to our country, to our people. That what made me so proud of that particular award."

Arcilla went on to share that he hopes to do more international projects. 

"I really wish and I would really open my heart, mind, and soul to all opportunities globally because I want that. I want to share our inspirations, dreams, and crises here on this side of the world. All other countries globally have the same aspiration as a nation," he said.

The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world and is counted among the three most prestigious, alongside Cannes and Berlin.

Arcilla is the first Southeast Asian talent to win best actor in Venice, in its 78-year history.

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Watch more News on iWantTFC
Watch more News on iWantTFC
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