'I will forever support you': Joao Constancia tells Sue Ramirez after breakup


Posted at Sep 17 2019 07:29 PM

'I will forever support you': Joao Constancia tells Sue Ramirez after breakup 1
Joao Constancia promised to support his ex, Sue Ramirez, in whatever she does in the future, despite their breakup. Instagram: @sueannadoodles and @boyband_joao

MANILA -- They've decided to remain friends, even after their breakup. 

And proving that they really have no problems with keeping in touch, Joao Constancia wrote a heartfelt letter for his ex, congratulating Sue Ramirez on the success of her new movie, "Cuddle Weather." 


Sue, Congratulations On The Beautiful Film! You’re Perfect For Adela Johnson, Can’t Think Of Anyone Else Who Would’ve Done It The Way You Did. Plus The Story Of The Movie Is Beautiful. I Laughed And Cried Plenty Of Times Throughout The Film Because I Could Relate To Adela Johnson’s Situation. Congratulations Direk Rod, RK Bagatsing And The Rest Of The Cuddle Weather Team! . . . I Am So Proud Of You, You’re Amazing Sue! No Matter What Happens Between Us, I Will Forever Support You. Mahal Na Mahal Na Mahal Kita, Sobra. . . . Kaya Sa Lahat Ng Mga Marurupok Dyan, Manuod Na Kayo Ng “Cuddle Weather”! Now Showing In Over 180 Cinemas Nationwide!

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The BoybandPH star described Ramirez as "perfect" for her role in the film, adding: "Can't think of anyone else who would've done it the way you did. Plus the story is beautiful." 

He also admitted that he was moved by the movie, saying that he cried plenty of times as he could relate to Ramirez's character. 

In "Cuddle Weather," Ramirez showed off plenty of her versatility as an actress in portraying a prostitute. It was her most daring role to date and she has said that she accepted the challenge because she wanted to "venture out to things that [she's] afraid to do." 

Constancia said: "I am so proud of you. You're amazing Sue! No matter what happens between us, I will forever support you. Mahal ng mahal na mahal kita, sobra."

The couple broke up recently. It remains unclear what exactly made them decide to split up after two years, but Ramirez did turn emotional in trying to explain their reasons. 

"Cuddle Weather," which co-stars RK Bagatsing, is part of the ongoing Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.