Heart helps untangle 'Born For You' finale

Vincent Garcia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 17 2016 02:15 AM


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MANILA - Sam Kazuko (Janella Salvador) walked onstage at her first ever concert, a sold-out one to boot. A ukulele in hand, she began to sing a song written by Kevin (Elmo Magalona), the boy she is "destined" to be with, according to the legend of the red string. 

Her performance was cut short, however, as a fuming Marge (Ayen Munji-Laurel) interrupted Sam. She claimed that Kevin, her son, was still a signed recording artist under her label and that any material that he comes up with automatically becomes her intellectual property. Unsurprisingly, her decision to have the concert stopped earned her the detest of Sam and Kevin's fans, as well as everyone else. Even her father (Freddie Webb) has had enough of her embarrassing last-ditch attempt to save face. 

This was particularly humiliating for Marge, who has been claiming that her actions were driven by her desire to keep her family together. What happened was the exact opposite: her husband, Mike (Ariel Rivera), went on to manage Sam after Marge outright lied and denied on national television that she stole and made money out of a song composed by Sam's late father, Buddy (Bernard Palanca). Kevin decided to leave home after learning this. 

Marge soon realized her mistakes and, at the backstage of the concert, made a complete u-turn in the span of five minutes, and apologized to both Sam and Kevin. She also gave them permission to sing onstage Buddy's song, which turned into a confession scene between the two main characters. 

"Whatever happens in the future, kung saan man tayo pupunta, naniniwala na ako na tayo pa rin talaga ang magtatagpo dahil sa red string of fate. I can honestly say that I was born for you," Kevin told Sam, referencing again, not only the red string legend, but also the drama's title. 


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For a series in which a single thread is the main, figurative theme, it's shame that the plot of "Born For You" isn't more direct, with the writers opting to weave in other narrative strings such as a complicated legal drama, resulting in a tangled storyline that never fully unravels by its end, instead of focusing on Sam and Kevin's romance, which could have driven a more powerful message about how love transcends both time and distance. But to describe the series' plot as "messy" will be an unfair way to remember "Born For You." 

It is, after all, still a respectable representation of young love, despite the showrunners shunning this particular aspect of the show from the center for its last few days. Sam and Kevin are destined for each other, even if they do not fully understand why. And this sincerity, this emotional conviction --epitomized by Kevin's decision to shun his mother for Sam-- equally shared by fans who have seen the two main characters journey from complete strangers to fate-driven lovers is what made "Born For You" a fun watch, and what will ultimately define Salvador and Magalona's first foray in primetime television. 

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