Nicole Laurel-Asensio drops new single ‘Kiss Me Now’


Posted at Sep 15 2023 07:52 PM


MANILA – Multi-awarded singer Nicole Laurel-Asensio dropped on Friday her new track “Kiss Me Now.”

According to the singer, she met producer Gabe Dandan, who was in Baguio City, when she was writing her latest single. 

“I’m not usually the type to let things just happen but perhaps I was missing the thrill of the unknown. I needed a change of environment so I hopped on a 3 a.m. bus alone to Baguio and booked myself an afternoon session in Openheaven recording studios for the first time,” Laurel-Asensio said. 

Dandan recalled that he, alongside Tobi Drums and Brad Keys, began jamming as a soundcheck and Laurel-Asensio just caught the vibe.

“Together the synergy was instant and we decided to make a song out of the free-jam in no time,” Dandan said. 

“I got a couple curious looks at first but insisted on recording. We were done with the entire song structure, lyrics, arrangement and melody in a couple hours.”

“Kiss Me Now” is a slow, soulful song that was written and recorded almost entirely impromptu. Mirroring its unscripted nature, the lyrics describe the urgency of finally giving into a first kiss. 

Meanwhile, the music video was shot in the mixed-media art museum, Art in Island, which features endless opportunities for exploration and discovery across its 15 zones.