WATCH: These videos will make you hate Edu’s Lucas Cabrera a little less


Posted at Sep 15 2018 10:02 PM | Updated as of Sep 16 2018 04:19 PM

The last time fans saw Edu Manzano's Lucas Cabrera, the treacherous vice president, was all smiles was after taking over the country's top seat. Somewhere else, Rowell Santiago's Oscar Hidalgo, perceived to be dead by the public following an assassination attempt that took the life of his whole family, grieves

It's a tantalizing setup for next week's batch of "Ang Probinsyano" episodes, considering that Hidalgo is currently in the care of a group of rebels, led by Coco Martin's Cardo. Fans will no doubt be keeping an eye on how things pan out, while harboring hatred for Cabrera, given that his evil plan worked. 

Though they may feel less angry at the character once they see this series of clips that have been going viral online, showing just how lovable Manzano can be while on the set of the long-running cop drama. 


Manzano celebrated his birthday over the past week, and it appeared the cast and crew of the show indulged him in his antics --him playfully strutting as if he were the best actor ever to have worked in the industry. 

All of the videos were similar, in that they start off with him working on a scene. Once cut was called, however, the camera turns around to reveal everyone applauding him loudly, calling him "number one." 

Even if all he did was shake the hands of his co-actor, everyone would go wild as if he pulled off an Oscar-worthy shot. 

This could be the cast and crew's way of thanking him for the reported lechon he prepared for them when he celebrated turning a year older while filming. They may be the only ones wishing at the moment that Cabrera won't be killed off any time soon.