‘Mahal ko pa kasi’: Ex-couple had awkward encounter on ‘It’s Showtime’


Posted at Sep 14 2018 05:14 AM | Updated as of Sep 14 2018 09:48 AM

If you think your run-in with your ex was awkward, imagine that moment being shown on live television. That's exactly what happened to this ex-couple, who found themselves in the spotlight during an episode of "It's Showtime" this Thursday. 

It all began when a contestant of "Miss Q&A" opened up about a recent breakup. This brought some of the studio audience to tears, but particularly this woman who happened to have been sharing a seat in the same row with her former boyfriend. 

That cringe-worthy coincidence caught Vice Ganda's curiosity, so the comedian decided to poke around a little. He found that the woman still loved the guy, who was the one who initiated the breakup. 

Cue the collective "awws" after the woman explained why she cried by saying: "Mahal ko pa eh. Mahal ko pa kasi." 

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Vice Ganda's prodding into the reason behind their split failed to yield other details --he was sure to allow them to keep things private if they wanted to-- but the guy did mention that they only broke up a month ago and that he apologized. 

Not even Amy Perez, a mainstay of "It's Showtime" who formerly hosted the original "Face to Face," could make them open up about their breakup so they decided to just have them shake hands. 

"Katulad niya na nag-let go na, mag-let go ka na rin," Vice Ganda told the woman. "You have to decide to be happy." 

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Another advice he gave her was to stop forcing herself with the hope of getting back together because "ang pag-ibig, hindi ipinipilit."

"At mayroon isang lalaki [na para sa iyo] na sa paningin niya na ikaw ang pinakamaganda at pinakamahalaga," he said, before Perez added: "At darating iyon."