Elmo Magalona set to release debut album


Posted at Sep 14 2016 06:07 PM

Elmo Magalona. Handout photo

MANILA -- Actor-singer Elmo Magalona is set to release his debut album under Universal Records. 

The star of "Born for You," which will air its series finale on Friday, said it was always his dream to record his own album. 

“Having a solo album has been a dream of mine ever since I started performing five years ago. But I wanted to wait for the right time, to have enough experience, so I could come up with an album that is really worth buying and listening to over and over again,” Magalona said.

According to Magalona, his album will reflect a lot of his musical influences, including international artist Justin Beiber and local artists Jay R and Billy Crawford. 

“I really like their style and the overall vibe of their songs which are upbeat and will make you groove, " he explained. 

In his upcoming album, Magalona also got to co-write some of the songs, specifically those with rap lines.

“Songwriting for me is a never ending process. I don’t really spend time sitting down to compose the lyrics, it’s a rather constant process, like, if I suddenly think of a couple good lines, I make sure to write it down or save it on my phone for later use," he shared.

Magalona is dedicating his album to all those who have been supporting him, especially his loyal fans. 

As a teaser of his album, Universal Records released the digital single “Kay Dali,” which landed on the charts and ranked as the second-most downloaded song on iTunes this month.

“'Kay Dali' is upbeat, easy to listen to and very relatable because it’s all about love -- love at first sight to be more specific -- which is really a unique and unforgettable feeling,” Magalona said.