Secondhand Serenade coming to PH next year


Posted at Sep 13 2017 04:07 PM | Updated as of Sep 13 2017 10:30 PM

MANILA – American rock artist Secondhand Serenade is coming to the Philippines early next year as part of the its “The Awake” world tour.

This was announced by singer-songwriter John Vesely in a phone interview with ABS-CBN News Wednesday, which was made possible by MCA Music Inc.

“One hundred percent, I plan on coming over there early next year. We have the US tour coming up in three weeks. We will be out for a few months and then new year, I plan on getting some shows overseas so you’ll definitely see me soon,” he said.

Asked what he is most excited about in the tour, Vesely said: “I really like playing those old songs that everybody can sing.”

The tour marks Secondhand Serenade’s 10th anniversary in the music industry. 

Early this year, Vesely also released the album “Awake: Remixed and Remastered,” which is an update of his old songs.

“I was worried to be completely honest. I want it to be true to the original album. I just had really, really great response from everyone. Some of them said that they were some of the best songs that I’ve done. It meant so much to me. I just tried to get myself to the same place in my head when I wrote the originals. I feel like we really achieved that,” he said.

But Vesely said he will also be coming up with new compositions soon.

“I’ve already started writing. I plan on recording some new music very soon so there’s definitely another album coming,” he said.

Since MySpace played a big role in terms of how Secondhand Serenade rose to popularity several years ago, Vesely said he still values social media.

“Social media is the most important thing that artists and labels have to promote. You could spend so much money on promotions on television and on print. But in social media, you can get involved with a large group of people and also to all the fans individually,” he said.

“The interaction is just there and it’s so easy to access. In my opinion, it’s important to be able to communicate on a one-on-one level to your fans and also on a large basis with your fans,” Vesely added.

The musician then thanked all his supporters who have stuck by him all these years.

“I wouldn’t be doing this without you. That’s obviously very evident. I will continue to try to make music that you feel something for. They have never let go and it means so much, it means more than you can imagine and I’m grateful. I can’t wait to get back there and play. I am really very excited,” he said.

Among the songs popularized by Secondhand Serenado were “Fall For You,” “Your Call,” “Vulnerable” and “Stay Close Don’t Go.”