Manifesting? John Arcilla posted about Volpi cup hours before winning it


Posted at Sep 12 2021 08:17 PM

MANILA - Hours before the announcement of winners, Kapamilya actor John Arcilla posted a set of photos of the past winners of the prestigious Volpi cup for Best Actor at the Venice International Film Festival.

Little did he know that he would be among them after he was named this year's Best Actor.

In a Facebook post on Saturday morning, Arcilla posted photos of Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Willem Dafoe with their Volpi cup, along with photos of the cup and the team behind "On The Job: The Missing 8".

"Here is the roster of some Great Actors who won the most coveted Volpi Cup at the Venice international Film Festival. I wish i can have one someday! Hahahaha if you dream as they say. Dream big! God bless everyone," he wrote in the caption.

His post went the rounds online after he was named best actor.

In his pre-recorded acceptance speech, Arcilla said he regrets not being able to physically attend the awards night and kiss his own Volpi cup.

"If there is something I really regret tonight, it is I won't be able to kiss my own Volpi cup there in the middle of Venice and on that red carpet just like all other 77 actors who I admire who have kissed their own prestigious award one actor could ever have," he said.

"On The Job: The Missing 8" tackles another real-world predicament in today's media as journalists Sisoy Salas (Arcilla) and Arnel (Christopher de Leon) look at fake news and how easily it can be manufactured and disseminated to the public.

Eight individuals, all linked to a newspaper, disappeared one day, and a hired killer on the loose, inmate Roman (Dennis Trillo), holds vital evidence to this dark incident.

Arcilla stars as a radio host forced to re-think his support for the Philippine government after a series of assassinations. 

The film is a sequel to the 2013 film "On the Job" by Matti, which was a huge success in the Philippines, telling the story of prisoners used by the government as hitmen.