Alodia Gosiengfiao, fiance open up about their love story


Posted at Sep 11 2022 04:34 PM

MANILA – For the first time, Alodia Gosiengfiao is opening up about her relationsip with her entrepreneur fiancé Christopher Quimbo. 

In a joint interview with Vicki Belo for the celebrity doctor’s vlog, the couple shared that they first met each other when they had a quadruple date with their other friends.

Describing his first impression of Gosiengfiao, Quimbo said: “She’s so beautiful. But of course you’re still looking for more than just that. I saw that she was so much deeper. I was very intimidated for sure.”

But prior to that, he already searched about Gosiengfiao a little bit online, Quimbo said, which the celebrity cosplayer apparently did, too.

“I make my family vet people… They are protective of me. Kasi I was in a state na I was scared na, jaded. Parang maybe this is my life, I chose to be super workaholic na lang,” she said.

Recalling how their first date went, Quimbo confessed he was really drawn to Gosiengfiao because they had a good talk.

“We just kept talking. We had a really good conversation,” he said. “She’s super introvert and I am so extrovert. I wanted to know up to what extent is she an introvert. I talked about the Myer Briggs personality test. I asked her to answer a few questions online. I had an idea of kind of what you’re all about.”

From that point forward, Quimbo said he knew they would click. Nonetheless, he still did not get Gosiengfiao’s phone number right away.

“I felt that if would have pursued at that moment, I might scare you away. Also, I was trying to play it cool,” he said.

When asked when he decided to propose to Gosiengfiao, he explained: “If you ask your friends, even after the first month of knowing you, I knew I was gonna propose to you. They always say that when you know, you know. I actually experienced it for myself. I thought, well if I know, then why waste any time?”

While they are relatively new in the relationship, Gosiengfiao said they have already been talking about the future and she felt really safe with him.

“We were talking about it because we are both futurists as well. We like dreaming about the future. When we talk about that, it’s mostly positive, happy thoughts. Parang I am not scared. Maybe first of all, kasi he understands my real personality… You’re also very kind and humble.”

Romance between Gosiengfiao and Quimbo first circulated in April when the former posted a photo with the businessman on her social media accounts, with the infinity sign as her caption. 

The two announced that they are engaged in July.

Prior to Quimbo, Gosiengfiao was in a relationship with Wil Dasovich. The popular cosplayer revealed that she and the former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate took breaks from each other many times before finally ending their relationship. 

Gosiengfiao confirmed her break up with Dasovich in November last year.


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