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Young Fil-Am actor Yonas Kibreab is Pixar's lead star in 'Elio'

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Sep 09 2023 01:00 PM

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Filipino-American actor Yonas Asuncion Kibreab plays the title role in Pixar's next film, "Elio."

The out-of-this world adventure film is slated for release in 2024.

At 13, Kibreab is one of the most prolific young actors in Hollywood today. Apart from "Elio," he also stars in the second season of the Netflix series, "Sweet Tooth."

Yonas Kibreab also stars in the second season of the Netflix show "Sweet Tooth." (Courtesy: Netflix 'Sweet Tooth')

"How I started really was, I was a tennis player," he said. "I played tennis and me and my dad would make funny tennis-related Instagram and Vine videos."

Yonas Kibreab is the lead star in Pixar's upcoming film "Elio." (Courtesy: Disney/Pixar 'Elio')

Kibreab added: "The USTA sent us an email asking me if I wanted to be like a kid-caster at the US Open in New York, which was amazing. And then I got some auditions. I auditioned and I actually got my first role, which was a commercial for a headphone."

The young star also voices Phinny, the lead character in the music-filled Disney animated series “Pupstruction" where his singing talent is also regularly showcased.

His character’s dad is voiced by fellow Filipino actor Eric Bauza.

Eric Bauza on starring in 'Pupstruction'

Asked how he can relate to his character, Kibreab said: "Phinny is a little nervous on how the other pups in the crew are gonna like him. But later in the show, he starts to realize that size, you don't have to be a big strong pup — or a big, strong human — to do big and great things, have great ideas."

Kibreab also shares that he playing the piano and singing are among his hobbies.

"When I found out that for the audition, they wanted me to send a clip of me singing, I was so excited because I love to sing."

His first big movie role was through Hulu's 2021 horror "Into the Dark: Blood Moon."

"Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, so I really like Tom Holland," Kibreab said on actors that he looks up to. "I also like Idris Elba."

Kibreab is also a main cast member of the new Disney series “Pretty Freekin’ Scary.”

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Note: This interview was completed before the Hollywood writers/actors' strike.