Aiza, Liza postpone in vitro fertilization


Posted at Sep 09 2016 04:33 PM


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MANILA – Singer Aiza Seguerra revealed on Friday that he and his wife, actress Liza Diño, have postponed their plan to undergo in vitro fertilization, a procedure that helps couples conceive a child.

In an Instagram post, Seguerra explained the reason behind their decision.

“Baka hindi matuloy this year ang IVF namin ni Liza dahil bukod sa hindi kami makaalis nang matagal, medyo mahal ang magagastos at hindi kami handang maglabas ng ganoong kalaking halaga,” wrote Seguerra, who came out as a transgender man in 2014.

(“Our IVF might not push through this year because we won’t be able to leave the country and the procedure is quite expensive. We’re not prepared to spend that much money.”)

Seguerra and Diño initially planned on flying to the United States in November to undergo IVF. 

(Aiza, Liza prepare to have own baby)

Last month, they were given positions in the Duterte administration. Seguerra was named chairman of the National Youth Commission, while Diño is the new chairperson of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

Seguerra and Diño got married in a private ceremony in California in December 2014.