‘You’ve found yourself a keeper’ — Anne Curtis tells Kathryn about Daniel


Posted at Sep 06 2019 11:13 PM

Anne Curtis was among the many who were touched by Kathryn's Bernardo's message for her boyfriend, Daniel Padilla.

Anne Curtis believes Kathryn Bernardo has found herself a "keeper" in Daniel Padilla. 

This, after reading Bernardo's touching message for her boyfriend in which she shared how Padilla became her "support system, [her] rock, and [her] strength" despite being hundreds of miles apart. 

Bernardo was referring to the period she stayed in Hong Kong to film "Hello, Love, Goodbye," her movie with Alden Richards that is now officially the highest grossing Filipino film of all time. 

For Curtis, "it's always the best feeling when two people who love each other support each other and allow each other to spread their wings and fly (sometimes without them by their side) and STILL be genuinely happy for them." 

"That's when you know you've found yourself a keeper," added Curtis, who found her own 'keeper' in Erwan Heussaff, the chef and vlogger she married back in 2017. 

"Hello, Love, Goodbye" was one of the rare movie projects where Padilla did not act as Bernardo's leading man.

Bernardo shared in her message for Padilla: "I know how hard it was for you to let go of my hand, but despite that you still allowed me to fly. You know how scared I was being away from you, too, but you stayed strong for the both of us." 

She continued: "You kept reminding me, 'Kaya mo yan, mahal. Konti na lang!' You never gave up, you never gave me a reason to doubt myself or us."