Will Chiz allow Heart to work with Jericho again?


Posted at Sep 05 2021 12:00 AM | Updated as of Sep 06 2021 11:07 AM

Screenshot from Karen Davila's vlog and Jericho Rosales' Instagram account
Screenshot from Karen Davila's vlog and Jericho Rosales' Instagram account

After saying she does not consider cheating a deal breaker, actress Heart Evangelista acknowledged having numerous conversations with husband Chiz Escudero on being paired again with her ex-boyfriend, Jericho Rosales. 

In a continuation of Karen Davila’s interview with Evangelista and Escudero, the Sorsogon governor was asked hypothetically if he would let his wife work with Rosales. 

“Pinag-usapan na ba natin ’yun?” he asked the actress, to which Evangelista replied: “Many times.”

In a serious answer, Escudero said he will let Evangelista decide on her career, stressing that he is not the jealous type. 

“It’s up to her. If it will help her. If it will make her grow. Hindi ako selosong tao,” Escudero said. 

While Evangelista said she feels secure with Escudero, she also opened up about seeing women showing interest in her husband.

“He makes me feel really secure. But when you talk to him and you get to know this guy, you'll be surprised na pinipilahan siya ng maraming babae,” Evangelista revealed.

“He's really such a good guy. Conversation is so good and it's so sexy. And his appeal is on another level.

“He's not the type to cheat or malandi. The reason why some girls go for him is because he won't make the move. So they have to be really strong personalities to get him. And there are women that have strong personalities.”

Asked about a secret for a lasting relationship, Escudero said leaving or halting the partnership should not be an option. 

“Leaving should never be an option. A cool-off should never be an option. By hook or by crook, as long as you stay together. Hindi ako naniniwala du’n sa never sleep with an argument unsettled. You can sleep with an argument unsettled,” he said. 

Evangelista previously said she would be willing to forgive her husband, Escudero, should she learn he was cheating on her. 

Davila was surprised when Evangelista said she does not think being unfaithful should be a reason for their marriage to fall apart.

The couple were married in February 2015 in Balesin. Escudero has twins in a previous marriage.