PH directors warn MTRCB regulatory expansion to ‘hurt film industry’


Posted at Sep 04 2020 06:59 PM

MANILA — The Directors’ Guild of the Philippines (DGPI) on Friday denounced the proposal of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board to include in its scope streaming services like Netflix.

In a statement, the group said it “protests any additional efforts of regulation by MTRCB.”

“Streaming sites like Netflix already have classifications, content warnings and parental controls in place. There is no need for more state control of what adults or their children can or cannot see.”

MTRCB on Thursday urged the Senate to make a policy that would formalize its mandate over streaming services. On Friday, agency head Rachel Arenas said the board recently finalized draft guidelines meant to ensure that all video platforms operating in the country "are complying with Filipino contemporary values.”

The DGPI, in its statement, said “additional regulation would also discourage the acquisition of local content, and thereby hurt the film industry at a time when it is struggling to survive.”

“MTRCB is expected to be an enabling partner of the industry towards authentic self-regulation,” it added.

The DGPI called on the Senate to instead “encourage the growth of the local film industry and the viewing public by preserving freedom of expression and self-regulation.”

“In an era where choices are expanded, let us not contract ours.”