Settle down? KC Concepcion focuses on working on herself first


Posted at Sep 03 2020 12:59 PM

MANILA – Unlike her mother and grandmother, KC Concepcion revealed she can never imagine herself as a politician’s wife.

Speaking with G3 San Diego for #LiveWithG3, Concepcion said she’s having trouble thinking that she would be settling with someone in politics because that’s not the life she wants for herself.

“I have trouble thinking that I would be with a politician and be a politician’s wife. I have trouble with that. I don’t know if that’s the life that I want. But I’m sure it’s a wonderful life. My mother is a politician’s wife. My grandmother is a politician’s wife. I think that’s wonderful for the women that are in it. I just don’t know that’s it for me,” she said.

Saying she would love a “very global life,” Concepcion shared what she’s actually looking for in a partner.

“I see myself as a global Filipina. I’m still very much Filipina. Fluent ako sa Tagalog, fluent din ako sa English. Mahal ko din 'yung culture natin but at the same time… I would like to be with someone na hindi lang Pilipinas ang mundo niya. Or maybe hindi nga siya taga-dito baka taga ibang bansa pa,” she said.

For Concepcion, it is ideal to have somebody that “helps me build at the same time that he’s building, somebody that will help me also explore and see the world.”

Despite saying this, Concepcion made it clear that her current focus is working on herself first.

“I was never ready in my 20s to really settle down talaga. Hindi talaga 'yun ang hanap ko. I thought when I hit 30 that I would be ready. That I would be ‘Okay, Aly (Borromeo) is it’ nung time na 'yun. I thought everyone was it ‘di ba? And then parang mare-realize mo na ako pala 'yung hindi ready din,” she said.

Concepcion said she is really trying to be “independent outside of all the relationships I’ve been with.”

“It’s fun to make your life and your days revolve around a guy. But at the end of the day, the guy will only want to be with you however interesting your life is,” she said.

“Wherever, however happy you are with your life will be what he gets. More than ‘I want this or I want that. I don’t want this, I don’t want that.’ No. What kind of life do I want? What kind of life do I want to share? So that when the guy enters frame, maganda 'yung eksena na papasukan niya,” she added.