Andi Eigenmann feels like part of her is missing when Ellie is not around


Posted at Sep 01 2021 01:19 PM

MANILA -- Andi Eigenmann feels like a part of her is missing every time her daughter Ellie is not around.

In an Instagram post this week, Eigenmann confessed how much she misses Ellie, who is currently spending time with her dad Jake Ejercito in Manila.

Eigenmann said having three kids actually does not mean she learns to split her heart into pieces. 

“Mothers just have this innate capability of having our hearts grow big enough to have more and more love to give,” she said.

While saying she cherishes this gift because it is the most important thing a parent can give their kids, Eigenmann said it could get pretty difficult too. 

“Specially when they start to grow into their own person with their own preferences and making their own decisions,” she said.

“I just have to constantly remind myself that I committed to raising my little girl in order for her to find her true and authentic self so that she could live her happiest and best life. Not so that she could stay with me forever and keep me comfortable,” she added.

Aside from Ellie, Eigenmann has two other kids with her fiancé Philmar Alipayo, Lilo and Koa.

Meanwhile, in his own social media post, it seems like Ejercito is having a blast spending time with Ellie.

They recently recreated a scene from “Zootopia” which several netizens found amusing. Some even commented how they love Ejercito’s relationship with his daughter.

In a recent interview, Ejercito said he is protective of his daughter with Eigenmann who, like him, was born to a life under the spotlight.

Noting that Ellie is comfortable in front of the camera, Ejercito conceded he wouldn’t be surprised if she follows in her parents’ footsteps.

And he wouldn’t be a hindrance to that goal, should Ellie decide on it, he said.