Father of Morissette denies hitting singer, takes ‘full responsibility’ of controversy


Posted at Aug 28 2019 05:42 PM

MANILA — Amay Amon, the father of Morissette, denied on Wednesday allegations that he hit his daughter over their reported rift stemming from her relationship with fellow singer Dave Lamar.

Father of Morissette denies hitting singer, takes ‘full responsibility’ of controversy 1
Morissette has remained mum amid the intrigues surrounding her relationship with her father, Amay Amon. Instagram: @itsmorissette, @amay_amon

On Instagram, Mr. Amon said he had been “waiting for the storm to pass” — referring to rumors surrounding his ties with Morissette — but opted to speak up when he saw “things written about me and my family, that are categorically untrue.”

“I will not give my time and my energy anymore speaking to every [one] of those lies, with one very serious exception. I have never, ever hit my daughter. That narrative ends here,” he said.

Mr. Amon’s statement came days after a report cited a “source” as saying that he supposedly slapped Morissette, during a heated argument over her romance with Lamar.

The same source, PEP.ph reported, alleged that the incident led to Morissette living apart from her parents, as well as her supposed estrangement from Mr. Amon.

“As a father, there will be missteps, there will be miscommunications, and there will be mistakes,” Mr. Amon said in his statement. “But physically disciplining my children has never been, and will never be a part of my parenting.”


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He went on to take “full responsibility for having invited outside opinions and speculation on what should have been a private family matter.”

He was referring to his series of tweets and Instagram posts criticizing Morissette as well as Lamar, which he now said were “written out of frustration and heartbreak.”

“I know now that no tweet could possibly summarize all of the nuances in the series of events that lead to today. The only people who know the whole truth are the ones that lived it, including Morissette,” he added.

Mr. Amon has been a constant presence in Morissette’s singing career since her “The Voice of the Philippines” breakthrough in 2013, and is perhaps best known to loyal fans of the “Akin Ka Na Lang” hitmaker for providing on YouTube videos of her performances that are not televised.

Morissette is the older of two children of Mr. Amon and wife Analie.


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“At the heart of the matter, and at the end of the day, my wife and I just want to be the best parents we can be to our extraordinary children,” Mr. Amon said. “We have made every effort to support and sustain our family, and now we are called on to survive this storm. And we will.”

Throughout the past weeks since the controversy erupted, Morissette has notably kept mum. But with her father’s months-old tweets resurfacing, their rift appears to have only widen, with “sources” adding details of monetary disputes, among others.

“I know now that the only thing the internet loves more than a hero is a villain,” Mr. Amon wrote. “I know that controversy generates clicks, views, and press, but I will not be that villain anymore.”

“I look forward to the conversation shifting back to my daughter’s undeniable talent, drive, passion, and more – where it should have stayed. As for the road ahead, I hope all parties can speak their truth and be heard, respected, and believed, and hopefully the work to reconciliation and healing starts soon,” he said.