'Little Big Shots': Little magician, young pianist


Posted at Aug 27 2017 08:13 PM

For 9-year-old Kyla Javier, performing magic tricks is her way of bringing joy to others.

Coming from a family of magicians, Kyla first learned about magic from her father.

She said she was encouraged to perform magic tricks because she saw how happy people are after seeing her father's magic tricks.

She added that she doesn't feel bad when people refuse to believe her, adding that she only does this to bring joy to others.

Meanwhile, 8-year-old Matty Lim started playing piano when he was 2 and a half years old, and had his first recital at the age of 3.

Hosted by Billy Crawford, "Little Big Shots" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Goin' Bulilit."