Sharon Cuneta sad as daughter Frankie leaves to continue college in New York


Posted at Aug 26 2021 12:12 PM

Sharon frankie

MANILA -- Sharon Cuneta has her heart broken after her daughter Frankie Pangilinan left again for New York to continue her studies.

On Instagram, the screen veteran said, “Whenever a child of yours - especially one so loving & with such a pure and good heart leaves, she takes a big piece of your heart with her.”

While she is sad over Frankie leaving, Cuneta admitted she also worries for her youngest daughter Miel, who has a very close relationship with her sister.

“Her Ate Kakie is her bestest friend in the whole world, & over seventeen months of pandemic togetherness, my two younger girls have become only closer, stuck like glue, relying & depending on each other for anything & everything… She is her Ate Kakie’s Baby Peanut, her Ponyo, the love of her life… But her Ate Kaks taught her to be strong while she is left alone here with us,” she said.

As a mother, Cuneta said her heart is full because of her daughters’ unbreakable bond.

Nonetheless, it makes her sad to see Miel hurting knowing Frankie is not going to around every day anymore until Christmas time.

As for her, Cuneta described the silence in their home as deafening.

“My heart is at once lost & bawling over missing her and feeling her absence. The sadness around here now is palpable,” she said.

Now addressing Frankie, Cuneta wrote: “I love you so very much, my Baba… Take care of yourself… And that large chunk of Mama’s heart which you took with you tonight. God bless you and keep you safe, my good girl.”

Aside from Frankie and Miel, Cuneta has two other children, KC Concepcion and her youngest Miguel.