Albert: Liezl as normal as everybody now


Posted at Aug 26 2012 05:45 PM | Updated as of Aug 27 2012 01:45 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Albert Martinez happily revealed that his wife Liezl is “as normal as everybody else now.”

In an interview with, Martinez said stem cell therapy was key to his wife’s recuperation.

“Okay naman kami. So far by God’s blessing, it’s all clear so I’m very, very happy. Dealing with cancer is not easy. It’s a struggle from day one and I’m really thankful na there’s such a thing as stem cell na naging solution sa recovery ni Liezl,” he said.

Martinez said he really did an extensive research on possible solutions that could ease Liezl’s pain and he then found out about stem cell therapy.

“Madami akong pinagdaanan kasi, ni-research ko lahat 'yan kasi siyempre kailangan malaman natin buo, kailangan aralin mo kung ano ba 'yung best solution and then ang lahat ng napag-aralan natin, ang ending, pinaka-the best talaga ang stem cell,” he said.

“I took the risk, researched on the possibility of doing it and who is available that can do it and I found out it’s available in Hong Kong, it’s available in Singapore and in reality it’s available here in the Philippines. Blessing in disguise, it’s available in Medical City and I met a doctor named Dr. Sam Bernal who opened my eyes and enlightened me about stem cell and tinanggap ko siya and I’m very happy,” he added.

Since Liezl learned of her condition in 2007, it has not been easy for their family. Martinez, however, said they were always by her side throughout the ordeal.

“Family support is very important and 'yun ang nakatulong sa amin to be strong and nagpatuloy to give us hope and then parang maka-recover kami faster 'yung bonding ng family. It wasn’t easy. It’s not easy na member ng pamilya mo magkaroon ng ganito. Kumbaga all of us went through a lot from my kids to myself, all of us who loves Liezl, we went through a lot and we’re so thankful to God na at least we’re almost done or over with that,” he said.

Martinez said Leizl’s cancer battle has even made their marriage stronger.

“It’s our 27th year of being together as husband and wife so it made us stronger. At saka it was way, way too painful thinking of the possibility of one day losing somebody you love so much. But then again, we didn’t allow that to control us. We made sure we’re strong and we made sure we were going to fight it. Up to the last minute talaga, I was telling Liezl na hindi tayo papatalo dito, kailangan talunin natin,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also shared a piece of advice to singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla, who just found out that she has a stage one kidney cancer.

“All I can say is that I know the feeling, the fear. Don’t lose hope. Find the best way how to handle it and hindi siya end of the road eh. It’s a matter of being strong about it, coming up with a different lifestyle and then kailangan talaga with cancer, you have to face it head on, hindi puwedeng talikuran yan na bahala na. Hindi eh, you have to be very strong eh and fight it head on,” he said.