'Stranger Things 3': What we will miss (and what we're looking forward to in season 4)

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Aug 24 2019 06:51 AM

MANILA -- Finished watching "Stranger Things 3"?

There’s a lot to digest from the season, and while Netflix hasn’t set a release date for season 4, fans are assured that there will be a next season (and possibly another one after that).

Season 3 had Eleven and friends meeting new people, losing people, and battling old and new monsters alike. Let’s take a look back at some of these things that we’ll miss from Hawkins and some things we’re looking forward to seeing when the next season comes rolling in.

(But if you haven’t watched the third season yet, we're warning you — there are spoilers ahead!)

What's next for these kids? Handout

1. The young cast getting older

This season had them growing up, falling in love, and learning that parents really need that door open three inches. The season leaves us with the Byer family, plus El leaving Hawkins. Suzie and Dustin, as well as Max and Lucas, are still together, but Season 3 has Mike looking the most forlorn in the end. What’s next with this bunch? A long distance relationship doesn’t seem right, although Dustin and Suzie seem to make it work.


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2. The '80s

One of the draws of "Stranger Things" is that it’s an homage to the '80s. This season had us reminisce hard on 80’s fashion from funky colored make-up, teased big hair, jumpers, neon colors, aerobic wear, and shoulder pads.

A large chunk of the story line happens in Scoops Ahoy. Handout

3. Scoops Ahoy

A large chunk of the story line happened in Scoops Ahoy where the decoding shenanigans of Steve, Robin, Erica, and Dustin will remain etched in our memory. The last episode has Steve and Robin working at the video rental shop now, which bodes well for a lot of '80s movies nostalgia coming our way next season. And yes, I will 100% miss Steve’s Scoops Ahoy hat.

4. The Upside Down

This season had very little of the Upside Down, just mostly of the "wound" that the Russians were creating. Here’s hoping we see more of the Upside Down next season, as I’m missing the vines, the weird dustiness of it all, and of course, the scary demadogs lurking in the dark.


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5. Billy

Billy was such a great character! He was truly scary many times, but ultimately noble in the end. The cast list doesn’t have the actor’s name listed, so it’s really goodbye to this macho lifeguard.


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6. Scary Demagorgons

That last episode where a fully grown Demagorgon steps into the light scared me more than the big monster made up of liquified human parts. It’ll be exciting to see more of that in the real world next season, and also we’re going to Russia!

7. Hopper

Heartbreaking, but I think he’s still alive in the Upside Down. Fight me.

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