Why Matteo, Sarah are not yet talking about marriage


Posted at Aug 23 2016 03:30 PM

MANILA – More than two year since they made their relationship public, Matteo Guidicelli admitted that he and Sarah Geronimo have yet to talk about marriage.

Speaking to reporters during a recent press conference of Sun Life, Guidicelli acknowledged that settling down is a serious matter.

“Siyempre we have to be realistic with ourselves. Being realistic is very, very important. The day will come kumbaga. Hindi pa,” he said.

Nonetheless, the actor feels Geronimo is already “the one” for him.

“Siyempre hindi na tayo maglalaro-laro kasi 26 na tayo. I think I know what I want for my future. But anything can happen. We have to be realistic. We just have to be the best version of ourselves and prepare for the future,” he said.

For now, Guidicelli said they just enjoy bringing out the best in each other.

“She brings a lot to the table and I have my own things to bring to the table. I guess we complement each other. We are not the same in many things and marami kaming mga opposites but I think when two opposite people come together, they make the table fuller and make it better,” he said.

Explaining how his relationship with Geronimo has changed him, Guidicelli said: “We influence each other with different things and good things. She just changes me. She makes me feel better. She makes me feel like I have wings. She makes me feel happier and better.”

He also does not want to take the credit now that Geronimo has become more independent and adventurous since they got together.

“I guess they are just saying that because I’m there. But I think it’s her. She’s doing everything on her own and she’s growing as a person. I’m very proud of her because she’s starting to do the things she wants to do which is actually parang lagpas na sa oras. She’s 28 already. She was supposed to do this before pa. But I’m very happy and proud of her that’s becoming independent and doing her own thing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Guidicelli shared how his family reacted when it was rumored that the singer-actress is already pregnant.

“Nagtext nga yung ibang mga tita, tito ko, congratulations daw. Sabi ko, ‘Ano ba kayo?’ Minsan mga engagement, nag-text yung iba na congratulations. Siyempre sabi ko, ‘Tita mga tsismis lang iyan. Huwag muna maniwala,’” he said.

Asked what was his first reply to them, Guidicelli joked and said: “[Sabi ko sa kanila] salamat.”

Guidicelli said his family loves Geronimo and it is something that matters to him a lot.

“Family is very important for me. That’s something my family taught me. I know my family raised me for 26 years and they want me to end up with an amazing woman. Siyempre I want to be surrounded by good, positive people and I want to have a good family in the future. My family loves Sarah,” he said.

He said he also tries his best to reach out to Geronimo’s family.