Jinri Park has no problem doing sexy pictorials


Posted at Aug 23 2016 01:51 PM

MANILA -- DJ and Korean model Jinri Park has no problem doing sexy pictorials.

"I'm not ashamed to do that because it also defines who I am. It's just about being confident of who you are," Park said in an interview on "Magandang Buhay" as she promoted the third edition of her book "The Jinri Experience."

"The Jinri Experience" is the country's first-ever gravure book featuring photos of Park, who has consistently landed on FHM's list of sexiest women.

Park said she was in third-year college when she was discovered by a photographer.

Asked of her parents' reaction to her sexy photos, Park said: "They are like super strict, especially my dad. They were mad at first but after a while they accepted it."

Meanwhile, Park shared that she learned a lot of things when she joined "Pinoy Big Brother" as a celebrity housemate, even she decided to leave the show for personal reasons.

"I think that was a life-changing experience. I'm not saying this because I was in 'PBB.' I've changed so much after that and learned so much. I know people watching would probably think 'she's only saying that because she's on TV' but I'm so sincere about this. I really learned about myself and Kuya really helped me become a woman I am today and I'm so thankful about that," Park said.