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Sandra Oh compares The Chair character struggles and her experience in Grey's Anatomy

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Aug 21 2021 02:40 PM | Updated as of Aug 21 2021 03:39 PM

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In The Chair, Sandra Oh plays Ji-Yoon Kim, the first Asian woman to become a prestigious university's department chair.

Oh is one of the original cast members of the TV series Grey's Anatomy, where she became one of its most memorable and strongest characters. "Being an actor of color in Hollywood, what I think that I've learned slightly before Ji-Yoon, Professor Kim, is that when you're in a white patriarchal system that is bigger than you, the ability to actually make change is very slow. And actually, the ways that you thought that you were going to make change are probably not gonna be that way. So you actually have to get more relational," Oh said when asked how her struggles as the only Asian actress in primetime network TV back then compare to her latest character's experiences.

Jay Duplass and Sandra Oh in 'The Chair.'
Jay Duplass and Sandra Oh in 'The Chair.' Photo courtesy: Netflix

The Chair also stars Filipina American actress Mallory Low. She plays Lila, a PhD student who works with the show's leading man, Professor Dobson, played by Jay Duplass.

In creating and writing The Chair, actress Amanda Peet shared, "I was just really interested in the idea of right now in our current cultural climate. I was interested in the idea of setting a workplace comedy in a very old-fashioned milieu, colleges that are still sort of stuck back in time. And I like the idea of having a female boss whose colleague transgresses,... making it a romantic comedy and seeing what would happen between these two people."

All six episodes of The Chair can now be seen on Netflix.