Who is 'Ryan Cuneta' in Sharon Cuneta's life?


Posted at Aug 21 2017 06:34 PM


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MANILA -- Singer-actress KC Concepcion took to Instagram to mourn her "little angel," Ryan Leonardo Santiago, who passed away last August 13 at the young age of 24.

Ryan is the son of actor-singer Randy Santiago and his wife Marilou. According to a statement from the Santiago family, Ryan died from complications arising from multiple sclerosis. 

In a post on Monday, Concepcion shared a throwback photo of her with the then three-year-old Ryan. In the caption, Concepcion recalled how Ryan brought joy into their family. 

"I'm so sad I wasn't able to spend time with you in your teenage years and your 20s but I will always keep in my heart the laughs, tight hugs, and cuteness you always brought with you when you were around," she wrote. 

Now that Ryan is gone, Concepcion said she will always keep their fond memories in her heart. "My family and I love you very much and thank you for always making us smile. I want to hug you sooooooo tight again right now!" 

Last Wednesday, Concepcion's mom, Sharon Cuneta, also took to Instagram to offer her condolences to the Santiago family. According to Cuneta, Ryan used to call himself "Ryan Cuneta" and referred to the megastar as "Mommy Sharon." 

"When he fell very ill, we were all devastated, but no doubt not even 1% of how devastated his parents must've been. Now he is forever gone," Cuneta wrote. 

While Cuneta is saddened by Ryan's death, she takes relief in the belief that the young boy is now "free of pain."