The story behind Paulo Avelino’s e-numan with fans


Posted at Aug 20 2021 04:06 AM

MANILA — Actor Paulo Avelino surprised fans last week with a Zoom “e-numan,” or virtual drinking session, which he organized within minutes via Twitter.

Not surprisingly, the Zoom call reached its limit of 100 attendees instantly, but those who were able to get were generous enough to share snaps of went on.

Clips and photos that circulated on Twitter showed a candid Avelino interacting with his fans, blowing virtual kisses, and, yes, drinking alcohol.

A week later, Avelino explained what led to the spontaneous Zoom call. Like most, Avelino acknowledged that being stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown was taking a toll on his mental health.

“Minsan kailangan talaga ng social interaction kasi nakakabaliw lang talaga,” he told G3 San Diego in their live interview via Instagram on Monday.

“I like drinking in quiet places. I like drinking with people I know. Pero masaya siya. In all fairness tame naman ‘yung mga tao tapos nagre-raise sila ng hand sa Zoom. Ang galing galing. Dapat noong una makikinig lang ako e, pero ang gulo kasi masyado kasi walang nag-cu-curate,” he said.

Avelino also discussed his online presence, particularly on Twitter, where he frequently engages in playful banter with his fans.

“It’s not really a persona. It’s everyday life,” he said of his being active on the micro-blogging platform. “I think kaya maraming replies or retweets it’s because people can relate to it. Kumbaga, hindi lang ako ‘yung nag-iisang ganun. Marami tayo.”

“If you try to look at the kids now, they talk like that. They’re straightforward. It’s not really about speaking their language, it’s like adding your humor to their language,” he explained.

Avelino, however, clarified that what’s been described as his “pakilig” language online, isn’t necessarily how he would approach someone he is interested in in real life.

“When I meet someone especially if I meet someone I like, parang I try to get to know the person more. At the same time, I try to [let] them get to know me, without any pretentions, without any pa-sosyal or anything. It’s just like [the] bare me, so they know ano ‘yung pinapasok nila,” he said, laughing.

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