Karylle shares how she and husband Yael Yuzon deal with pandemic positively


Posted at Aug 19 2020 11:45 AM


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MANILA -- Singer-host Karylle on Wednesday shared how she and her husband Yael Yuzon are coping with the quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview on "The Morning Rush" of Monster RX 93.1, Karylle said she and Yuzon were able to adjust quickly with the help of music. 

"There's always singing in this home. In the beginning of the quarantine, we were quickly adjusting because the first call for fundraiser came in and that was Bayanihan Musikahan. The group of Mr. C (Ryan Cayabyab), who is our ninong sa kasal, raised about P120 million. So it was a very productive, very positive way to deal with the pandemic," Karylle said.

According to Karylle, everything that they need now for an online performance have been upgraded.

"We bought a laptop, mics, because I broke a mic, it was Yael's gift from a Canada tour. 'Yun yung naipon niya from the tour. ... I have broken a guitar and a mic. Grabe!" she said. "We quickly adjusted, the house became parang, this became the stage."

Karylle also said that because of the lockdown, she also helps her husband and his band Sponge Cola for their online performances.

"I became a staff member of the Bayanihan Musikahan kasi I got so invested in. I made so many mistakes... I've learned so many things along the way and then I transitioned to becoming Yael and the band's technical person and their staff . So ako na 'yung nag-e-e-cam kapag may Facebook Live sila every Thursday. And then the good news came this week, may suweldo na ako P2,500," Karylle shared.

Aside from music, Karylle said their pet dogs also helped them during lockdown.

"When people ask, 'how you doing during quarantine?' 'The dogs are taking good care of us.' We howl like once a day. The neighbors just have to deal with it. We are releasing our bad vibes," Karylle said.