'Ex with Benefits' insults med reps? Coleen, Derek react


Posted at Aug 19 2015 03:52 PM | Updated as of Aug 20 2015 12:51 AM


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MANILA – Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay addressed criticisms that their upcoming movie “Ex with Benefits” place medical representatives in a bad light.

Based on the movie’s trailer, Garcia plays Arkisha, a med rep who needs to seek the endorsement of a top doctor Adam (Ramsay) so she will be named medical representative of the year.

The two, however, turn out to be former lovers and it has been a decade since their separation.

In one of the scenes, Adam tells Arkisha that it is the duty of medical representatives to convince doctors about the products they are selling. To which, she answers: “Don’t worry, it’s worth it.”

This exchange is then followed by a love scene.

At the movie's press conference on Tuesday, Ramsay stressed that they never meant to disrespect any profession.

“I feel that in anything in life, before you assume anything, you should get as much information as you can. Sana they would give us the chance to show that we are not disrespecting them. We have complete respect for what they do,” he said.

“Everyone working on the set, we look at them and we know how hard their work is… Sana they give the movie a chance and say their piece after they have watched the movie,” he added.

Garcia, on the other hand, said she understands why some med reps felt offended by the trailer but she urged them to see “Ex with Benefits” first.

“It’s not a story about a doctor and a med rep. They may be a doctor and a med rep but it’s really about two ex-lovers coming up together and going through ups and downs. It’s really about their story more than anything. It just so happens that they are a doctor and a med rep,” she said.

Garcia said the story of the movie “is really more about the flaw of my character.”

“It’s something that she’s been through in the past that caused her to be the way she is. It’s not to say that all med reps are like that,” she said.

According to Garcia, she doesn’t like generalizing people based on one’s profession.

“If you guys actually watch the movie when it’s out, you’ll be able to see that she’s been through a lot and then you’ll understand kung bakit pala siya naging ganun. She’s the only one there who’s like that. There are other med reps or other characters there but they are not like that. I could understand why people will jump to conclusions because that’s the only thing people have seen so far. As for us, we don’t see anything offensive in the movie because we know the whole story. I just pray that people will give it a chance before they judge it,” she explained.

Directed by Gino M. Santos, “Ex with Benefits” is co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films. It opens in theaters on September 2.