Why Robi Domingo never pursued an acting career


Posted at Aug 18 2021 02:31 PM

MANILA – Robi Domingo has been in show business since 2008, but he does not think he has what it takes to become an actor.

This is the reason he never pursued an acting career, he told G3 San Diego in an interview

“I think it’s not just for me. I am very energetic. You cannot put me in one place. And also number one, the working hours. I cannot be in one tent trying to memorize one’s script, trying to analyze my character. I cannot put on one mask lang,” he said.

This is certainly not the case when he’s hosting, Domingo noted.

“As a host, I become myself, I become a writer, a director, a talent coordinator and just play around. Pero sa acting, hirap na hirap ako sa hugot,” he said.

Speaking of careers, Domingo also admitted in the same interview that he had regrets that he did not pursue a medical career.

“When my friends were taking their Hippocratic Oath and nakukuha na nila 'yung mga license nila, sumama 'yung pakiramdam ko. Existentialism question na naman. Parang iniisip ko, tama ba 'yung ginawa ko? May purpose ba 'yung ginawa ko? My mom is a doctor, my dad is a doctor. My lolo is a doctor, my cousins are doctors. Who’s gonna continue the legacy?” he said.

But at the end of the day, Domingo said he’s proud to still be “in the service of the Filipino” even if he’s not wearing a white coat.

Nonetheless, he is extremely proud of everyone he knows in the medical field who are giving their all during this difficult time.

“My friends are not happy with the system anymore. They are super tired. Some of my medical college batchmates are super exhausted. They feel bad with all the policies. Parang it’s never ending. They signed up to serve pero right now, they are heroes talaga. I really salute them. In another world, siguro I would have given myself in the medical field,” he said.