Heart Evangelista gets candid about Chiz Escudero, Jericho Rosales, Daniel Matsunaga


Posted at Aug 18 2020 02:42 PM

MANILA – Heart Evangelista did not hold back as she opened up about her relationship with her husband Chiz Escudero, as well as her former boyfriends.

During an Instagram Live broadcast with G3 San Diego on Monday night, Evangelista first looked back on her romance with actor Jericho Rosales which began when they worked on the ABS-CBN series “Ang Panday” in 2005.

“I think that part of my life, that whole experience with me fighting for my independence and all of the rebellious acts that I did at that time was really one of the best times of my life,” she said.

“That was me becoming a lady, a woman and really discovering myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Although I still ended up being very weak at that time because I was just very confused because of my family,” she added.

Evangelista said she found it “quite nice” to fall in love while also doing the work at the same time.

“It was quite nice. It was real for me. Also because my story at that time, my character, we were being torn apart. We were in parallel worlds. In real life, I was also going through a personal struggle,” she said.

“It was such a big production. With ‘Hiram,’ I was with other artistas. [With ‘Panday’], it was my first time being a real leading lady. I enjoyed it. I really did. I think I enjoyed it a little too much,” she added laughing.

Aside from her relationship with Rosales, Evangelista also shared a bit about the time she spent with Daniel Matsunaga.

“The one with Daniel, it wasn’t that stressful. I felt bad for him because I really, really scared him. But it wasn’t [stressful] as the others like in the past and in the present. Yung ‘Panday’ days and then 'yung Chiz Escudero days, super stressful. The stuff that went on behind all the interviews, it’s crazy,” she said.

While describing Matsunaga as a very nice guy, Evangelista said there came a point when she just realized they weren’t meant for each other.

“I went to Brazil because I was with Daniel. Of course, I loved him when we were together but I really loved him for the person he was. But in some way, I knew that we weren’t for each other. I felt na he’s such a good guy, I knew somebody else could make him happy. I knew that we are just so different. I didn’t want to force it,” she said.

Fast forward to her love story with Escudero, Evangelista again recalled how late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago played their matchmaker.

“Because Tita Miriam, when I broke up with my ex at that time, she told me that I needed to see more of the world. I needed to date people outside showbiz and she had a list of different eligible guys. I got calls from different people. It’s so funny,” she said.

It was at that time that Evangelista admitted to Defensor Santiago that she’s always had a crush on Escudero.

“Sabi niya, ‘Oh Chiz. Let me check if he’s annulled.’ She made a call, contacted Chiz and at the beginning he thought na meron siyang nasabing masama tungkol kay Tita Miriam na aawayin siya or something. She set us up together,” she said.

But their relationship did not begin right away.

According to Evangelista, it took them months of getting to know each other first before they actually became a couple. She even found their first date weird because Escudero brought a chaperone with him, while she had a bodyguard. 

Nonetheless, Evangelista knew right away that Escudero was the one she’d want to marry when they were already dating.

“I know this sounds cheesy but ever since before talaga, I really liked him. I really looked up to him and when I met him in person, parang he did not disappoint. He was so more than I thought he would be. He was so normal to me… I knew he’s the one. I knew it right away. I married my dream guy,” she said.

Currently, Evangelista and Escudero have been together for eight years and have been married for five years.