Paulo Avelino reveals 'Marry Me, Marry You' to be released in September


Posted at Aug 17 2021 12:25 PM

MANILA – Fans of Paulo Avelino are in for a treat because aside from his upcoming television series with Janine Gutierrez, he is also gearing for a movie with the actress that’s not a romantic-comedy.

In an interview with G3 San Diego on Monday, Avelino said it’s nice that he gets to give life to two different characters and offer a variety of flavors to his audiences.

When asked to differentiate how he attacks a romantic-comedy and a drama, Avelino said: “It’s different. As an actor, sometimes the shows you do affect you in a way, especially if you do it for so long. If you do a show na baliw ka for a year, parang at some point or state in your life, nadadala mo talaga. Parang nagiging baliw ka na rin in a way.” 

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But given the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Avelino said it’s nice to have been given the chance to do a romantic-comedy for a change of pace.

“A lot of new co-workers here that I haven’t worked before. Good vibes naman tayo kasi ang hirap na nung past two years natin eh. So pagaanin na muna natin para sa mga manonood natin,” he said of “Marry Me, Marry You.”

Avelino said he’s blessed to have Gutierrez as his leading lady because “she’s really fun to work with.”

“Walang kaproble-problema. She’s always happy all the time for some reason. Nakakahawa 'yung happiness. She’s very smart and easy to work with,” he said.

Aside from Gutierrez, Avelino also feels fortunate because everyone working on the series are very considerate.

“This is actually my second show na naka-bubble,” he said. “The hardest part actually is not being in the bubble and working almost every day. The hardest part is sometimes you get homesick. Kaya ang saya rin ng cast namin. I am very grateful for our cast in ‘Walang Hanggang Paalam’ and now because when they see you sad na, sila 'yung umaalalay sa 'yo. They try to make you happy. They find ways and means to take your sadness away.”

While its exact airing date has yet to be announced, Avelino said it will certainly come out sometime in September.

“After this ECQ, we are gonna go back sa bubble to finish more scenes. But I think we are around half,” he said.

With an upcoming movie also in line, Avelino likewise shared his thoughts about how everything now is video-on-demand.

“You could never replace the experience of watching a movie in cinema, like having people around you in the screening. It’s always an experience. I remember the first time I went inside the cinema in Baguio City when I was young, the first movie I watched was 'Little Rascals' and until this day, I can’t forget that experience. It’s a cinema thing, a theatrical thing,” he said.

“But it’s hard times for everyone not just in any industry. There’s so much content so I don’t think we should stop. I think it’s a good thing that we are adjusting, we are transcending into something else that could actually be more viable to every Filipino,” he added.

As of writing, there is no announcement yet as to when Avelino’s movie with Gutierrez dubbed “Ngayon Kaya” will also be released.