Geneva Cruz strips anew

by Kristine Servando,

Posted at Aug 17 2009 07:51 PM | Updated as of Aug 20 2009 01:00 AM

MANILA - Singer Geneva Cruz once again stripped down for the cameras in the name of a cause she loves: animal rights.

The Filipina beauty appeared ravishing on Wednesday's photoshoot, wearing nothing but black paint markings all over her body and a small placard that covered her behind.

The photo shoot, led by photographer Niccolo Cosme, is for a series of print and online ads by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) against animal cruelty.

According to a PETA statement, the black markings on Cruz's body "mimic a butcher's diagram of [animal] body parts." Her placard bore the words "All Animals Have the Same Parts. Go Vegetarian."

Cruz, who has been a vegetarian since she was 15, said she has never wavered from her strict vegetarian diet over the years and even prepares her own meals.

She was inspired to turn vegetarian after she spent time with free-roaming animals in Calauit Islands, Palawan for a 1992 Sunsilk photo shoot.

Though she had a rocky start because she felt weak from the all-vegetable diet, Cruz learned to eat balanced diets while staunchly avoiding meat.

"I'd just like to say that I'm not doing this for vanity. I don't do this to look sexy, although you can look sexy. The good thing about what I'm doing now is I think that a lot of people are getting really influenced, and they just want to know how to start [becoming vegetarian]. I always tell them to go to and check it out. You can start little by little," Cruz told reporters during a photo session break.

Sexy ads for a serious cause

Ashley Fruno, PETA campaigner, said the group chose Cruz for the campaign because of her long-time animal rights advocacy.

"She's a big animal lover, and compassionate about animals and someone all people can look up to," she said in an interview with

Fruno said the sexy ad campaign is a "fun, lighthearted way to get people interested in a very serious issue."

Other Filipino models who have volunteered to bare skin for PETA campaigns include Isabel Roces, Raya Mananquil, Diether Ocampo, Yasmien Kurdi and Alicia Meyer.

Internationally, PETA has also clinched the support of renowned celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Pamela Anderson, Paul McCartney, and Alec Baldwin.

"We don't always do sexy ads, it's just that it's what everyone remembers," explained Jason Baker, director of Peta Asia-Pacific.

"We do a mix of thought-provoking ads and sexy ads and this [ad with Geneva Cruz] is sort of the bit of both. It's very sexy, but at the same time it's putting the words [on the model's body] to relay that animal parts and human parts are the same. To show that we all have the same parts, we all have the same feelings, we all feel pain," he said.

Baker said that Cruz is perfect for their latest campaign because she embodies what sexy vegetarianism is all about. Cruz has reportedly been a PETA member for quite some time.

The organization has been promoting vegetarianism as a way to a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

RP's sexiest vegetarian

Jason Baker, PETA Asia-Pacific Director talks about vegetarianism and their latest campaign with Geneva Cruz.

Cruz had previously posed nude in a jungle-themed photoshoot for Maxim magazine last May. In the Maxim article , the sexy singer also talked about animal rights and vegetarianism.

During the recent PETA photoshoot, she revealed that Heaven, her 12-year-old son with singer Paco Arespacochagas, was initially worried about her going nude for the PETA campaign.

"No child wants to see his mother naked, but [it's for a good cause], is what I explained to him. He respects it. He told me 'Mom, I understand your passion, but for now, I still like eating meat'," she said, laughing.

Cruz was previously voted the Philippine's sexiest vegan in an online poll launched by PETA.

Aside from celebrity-hosted documentaries and exposés on animal cruelty practices around the world, PETA offers vegetarian starter kits and recipes in its magazines and online.

Baker said the animal rights group is currently lobbying against the entry of greyhound racing in the Philippines, maltreatment of animals in Philippine zoos, and cruelty against factory-farmed animals or animals in slaughterhouses. Report, photos, and video by Kristine Servando,