Margie Moran mourns death of younger brother


Posted at Aug 16 2020 04:43 PM | Updated as of Aug 16 2020 11:11 PM


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MANILA – Margie Moran is mourning the death of her younger brother Francis Emmanuel Moran Jr.

In a lengthy but heartfelt post on Instagram, the former Miss Universe said her brother, who is six years younger than her, passed away at the age of 60 “after living a purpose-filled life on earth.”

Recalling her fond memories of him, Moran wrote: “Within our family and friends he grew up with, his nickname was Franchot. He set a high standard on himself studying and working in America and Hong Kong as he pursued his dreams, one of which was to marry the only woman in his life after 13years of courtship, Alexandra Lamb.”

Moran said she will never forget her brother’s pride and joy when his only son was accepted, and eventually graduated from the Duke University.

Calling Franchot their father’s junior, Moran said their dad would be so proud of him because “he took good care of our mother making sure she had everything she needed” and he also did the same with their brothers in the US.

Moran said family was everything to his brother, that’s why he and his wife organized all their family reunions.

“Who would have known that our last reunion that weekend was the last. I am broken-hearted to lose Franchot 2.5 months after another brother, Ignacio left us,” she said.

While Moran admits having difficulty understanding the turn of events in their family, she believes that “the love of Jesus surpasses my understanding and that His love is greater than death.”

Moran said her brother is the sixth in a brood of 8. She did not disclose any details about his death.