WATCH: Death of ‘The Killer Bride’ trends worldwide


Posted at Aug 15 2019 02:13 AM | Updated as of Aug 15 2019 02:43 AM

Seconds before her apparent death, Camila (Maja Salvador) vows to take revenge on those who put her behind bars. ABS-CBN/RCD Narratives

MANILA—The death of “The Killer Bride,” the eponymous role portrayed by Maja Salvador, generated buzz on social media Wednesday night, making the gothic romance series a worldwide trend on Twitter.

The episode’s official hashtag, #TheKillerBrideFirstCurse, also topped the list of Philippine trends as it aired, with many viewers praising the anguished acting of lead star Maja Salvador.

Wrongly accused of murder, Camila (Salvador) is forced to care for her newborn behind bars. Initially hesitant to give her daughter Vida to the father, Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) — whose testimony led to her guilty verdict — Camila changes her mind when the baby falls ill without immediate access to treatment.

A worse tragedy besets Camila when she is separated from Vida during an arson that consumes the prison. She was readying to leave for the hospital when the fire broke out, with Vida under the clinic care. Her view of what’s left of the clinic upon her return leads her to believe her baby is dead.

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Left without reason to keep on, a trapped Camila shouts out her daughter’s name, before declaring the chilling line that sets into motion the series’ premise: “Isinusumpa ko — kayo na pumatay sa anak ko, babalikan ko kayo! Sinisugrado ko, babalikan ko kayo!”

“Kayong lahat, ipapakita ko sa inyo kung anong demonyo ang tinapon niyo sa impyerno! Babalikan ko kayo!” Camila screams, before she apparently dies with flames surrounding her.

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The death of Camila, according to the cast in an earlier interview, sets off a “curse” that grips the superstitious town of Las Espadas with fearful stories of a vengeful, killer bride.

A mysterious girl, Emma (Janella Salvador), arrives years later in Las Espadas as a supposed vessel of Camila, triggering fresh conflicts as well as her own love story with the skeptical Elias (Joshua Garcia).